Database Communication Error – CUCM

Background Info& Problem Description: CUCM Installed on VMware machine, up and running perfectly. successfully shut down CUCM under CLI by issuing command “utils system shutdown”, and the VMware host is powered off automatically. power on CUCM VMware host again and login CUCM Admin webpage, it fails with error message “Database Communication Error”. Possible Causes: …

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Useful InfoPieces Gathering

Difference between “h323-gateway voip interface” and “h323-gateway voip bind srcaddr”. CUBE SIP Media and Signaling Binding to an Interface. Wildcards and Special Characters in Route Patterns and Hunt Pilots of CUCM. Troubleshooting DSP Farm Registration. IOS Software Upgrade Procedure. Modify the License MAC address for Cisco UCOS.

Avaya CM Concepts & Terminologies Reference

Avaya CM commands format:Action + Object + Parameters. Action: Add / Delete / Change / List / Display / Remove / busyout / release / enable / disable / reset … Object: Extension / System-parameter / Media-Module … cabinet:  PN ipserver-interface:  IPSI card configuration:  practically all objects.【list configuration {all | board | carrier | circuit-pack …

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Avaya CM 5.2.1 Basic Setup & Commands

CM5.2.1 Setup & Basic Configure: Access Administration Interface of CM5.2.1: Firstly, make CM network reachable through either Enterprise LAN or direct network cable connection between you PC ( and CM Service Port (, Eth 1 by default, labeled as Port 2 on Hardware Platform). Then, take a pick of below 3 methods to access the …

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CME Basic Setup

Background Info: Files in Router Flash for CME to work properly Cisco IOS: CME version depends on the IOS file version you installed. Refer to CME and IOS Version Compatibility Matrix for identifying the correct IOS version to download. Normally, IOS already includes the phone firmware for most phone model to work properly. CME Basic …

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CME 7.1 emulation using 7200 Router in GNS3

Background Info:Reasons to use ISR 7200:According to below URL, it is recommended to use 7200 router in GNS with IOS 12.4(24)T which enables you to simulate CME version 7.x, while all other routers with 12.4(15)T allow you to access CME 4.x and older versions.Emulating CME 7.x in GNS3Only 7206 out of 7200 series Routers can …

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Cisco CUCM Trace Collection using RTMT

CUCM Trace Types & Prerequisites for Trace CollectionTrace Types: There are 2 kinds of trace to collect for CUCM troubleshooting; SDI (System Diagnostic Interface) and SDL (Signal Distribution Layer).SDI Trace: mostly used by general voice engineers for troubleshooting the majority of CUCM issues. Plus, it is easier to understand than SDL.SDL Trace: consists of large …

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