VMware+GNS3 Based Collaboration CCIE Lab

I have been using this lab for casual testing & verification in my daily-work as well as Collaboration CCIE preparation during past 2 years. It should enable you to play with most basic features though emulating any hardware (like E1 or DSP etc) is still impossible. This platform was subjected to frequent changes and refinements in past 2 years, plus I have not touched it for quite a long time since I passed my Collaboration CCIE, so you might need to tweak it a bit before it can work perfectly for you.

CCIE Collaboration Lab Topology

Few points to highlight for this lab:

  • Gateway is connected to PSTN using SIP Trunk instead of E1 in real Exam environment.
  • Gateway talks to CUCM using H323 as this protocol supports conveying parameters such as Type of Number, Numbering Plan to CUCM while SIP does not support this. This aims to enable CUCM to receive or send out Type of number, Number Plan parameters for PSTN incoming or outgoing calls which is inline with the real Exam environment.
  • For PSTN Local Calls, incoming and outgoing calls are matching the same pair of dial-peers (1 dial-peer is matched using calling number and another is matched using called number). Same rules applied for PSTN national call and international call.
  • Make sure you disable the IP Route function on your workstation/laptop who hosts this lab environment, so that HQ, SiteB, SiteC (different subnets) are inter-connected via only Frame-Relay network in the lab instead of via your local workstation/laptop.
  • The ASA part in the topology is useless and can be totally ignored. Deleting it will lead to unexpected disappearance of some mandatory components for Collaboration CCIE in this lab topology, which could be a GNS3 bug. Anyway, so I just keep it in the topology even though it is 100% useless.
  • In below downloading link, only GNS3 Project files, GW IOS file, GW start-up config are included, not VMware VMs. IOS version is using 15.2-4M6, aligning with requirement for the real exam. https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-20807

Download Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i3vQxH7