Ways to Improve the Enterprise Security with Cisco UCM Apps

Being one of the UC market leaders, Cisco thoroughly supports its partner ecosystem providing Cisco Solution Partners with APIs and SDKs, labs and sandboxes to build UC-enabled solutions. Hundreds of Cisco technology partners worldwide develop software on top of Cisco Unified Communications Manager that helps employees to collaborate, sell, support and… among the CUCM-integrated apps you can find solutions improving the enterprise security.

These apps either increase the security of the CUCM-based communications network or use Cisco UC solutions to provide the enterprise security features. Here are several  examples to get you an idea of what can be achieved with 3rd party apps integrated with Cisco UCM.

1. Call recording is the most basic VoIP service to support enterprise security. Enterprises with regulatory compliance needs (legal, financial etc) record all calls made on by employees. Call recording solutions are available both by Cisco and its Solution Partners.

2. Voice biometrics can provide a layer of security to authenticate individuals. This can be used for example to perform contact center transactions.

3. Live broadcast alerts through Cisco IP phones.  The speakerphone of Cisco IP phone can beactivated remotely and either play a pre-recorded audio message or broadcast the live emergency notification. The paging feature can also be used to send an audio broadcast to the safety team when someone in the company dials an emergency number.

4. Cisco IP phone lock/unlock.  Quite a simple feature automatically locks the employee’s IP phone when he lives his workplace. When locked, the IP phone allows to make emergency calls only and restricts the access to user’s personal info (personal address book, call history etc).

5. Premises monitoring. During non-business hours the IP phone external mic can be activated to send the audio to the audio-processing server. When the volume of audio exceeds the pre-defined level (someone is in the office when there should be nobody) the system notifies the security team immediately.

6. Secure audio conferences.  The CUCM built-in conferencing feature (Meet-Me conferencing) has no authentication option, but this can be covered by the 3rd party apps that also offer meeting scheduler, conference control tools and more.

Guys from Aurus, a Cisco Solution Partner, told me that among other leading IP PBX vendors Cisco provides the most thorough and feature-rich API to CUCM and Cisco IP phones. Take a look at their PhoneUP app bundle to learn more about what extra features can be added to the Cisco UC and Collaboration platform.