IBM Lotus Collaboration Solution Overview

As for Unified Communication & Collaboration (UC&C), different vendors have different interpretation, and so are their relevant products and solutions. But one thing is no different, which is that UC&C solutions from various vendors are all developed and evolved based on their existing technical strong points. Collaboration solutions from Telecom vendors like Cisco and Avaya, for instance, mainly aim to deliver various communication functions including voice, video, messaging, presence, as well as content-sharing in an integrated way with transparent access and great user experience. However, as a software vendor, Lotus Collaboration Solution from IBM put more emphasis on Business and Organization Processes. In short, Telecom vendors need to further extend their collaboration to enterprise business and workflow, while Software vendors require more efforts on making their communication functions more perfect.
Lotus Collaboration Solution Overview
Overview Collaboration from Lotus aims to build a single point of access to aggregated infos & contents(both internal & external) related to team or projects, to engage right people (both internal & external), and finally to enable end user to collaborate based on those above. Here, engaged people range from colleagues, customers, partners, to contacts in social network and professional network. While aggregated infos & contents Include:
Internal infos & contents: :
project related documents, posts on forums or blogs, knowledge in Wiki page,  calendar, enterprise directory, etc
Business related contents:
Enterprise Content Management (ECM), ERP, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Resource Management(HRM), Customer Relationship Management(CRM), Supply Relationship Management(SRM), Project Management System(PMS), Product Lifecycle Management(PLM), Finance Management System(FMS) etc.
External Infos & Contents:
social network, News RSS, Professional Network, Wiki page etc.
And IBM Lotus Notes is an rich client to supply you with this kind of single point access to fantastic collaboration.

Lotus Collaboration Solution Break Down
Lotus Collaboration Suit can be broken down to 5 functional components, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Connections, Lotus Symphony as well as Lotus WebSphere.
Lotus break down 
Lotus Sametime: Intuitively support voice, video, IM&Presence, multimedia conference, just as Telecom vendors like cisco provide in terms of Unified Communication. Besides, it also provide a interface, which is called SUT (Sametime Unified Telephony), to interoperate with 3rd party UC vendors such as Cisco, Avaya, Polycom etc, and protect the investment.
Lotus Quickr: solution that enables users to create a Team Space for collaboration, which includes content library to share project related materials (documents,  email or email attachments, chat history, web-based content etc), Wiki page to share knowledge, forums, Blogs, as well as Calendar Federation and Task Lists. Lotus Quickr enables a single place to create, edit, share project related materials to ensure the information consistency. With the help of Lotus Quickr Connector, an interface to interoperate with Lotus Quickr Team Space can be inserted into Graphic User Interface of a range of applications which include Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Notes, Lotus Symphony as well as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems,
Lotus Connections: enterprise socialization platform enabling you to review and react to all updates and events from News RSS, social network, professional network, forums, communities etc in one single place.
Lotus Symphony: is a software to create, edit documents, slides, as well as spreadsheets, just an IBM equivalent of Microsoft Office Suite.
Lotus WebSphere: a toolkit to customize and optimize your application by integrating more web-based contents or compositing other applications. In short, it can enable you to access more web-based contents and various applications in one-single user interface of your application client.
Lotus Notes: a rich client with all above components integrated to provide you with a full Lotus Collaboration experiences which means, in summary, instantly access to all the resources you might need during your daily work in one-single place, no matter where the resources is from (internally or externally) and what it is (people, communication function, documents, web-based content, Business Data, work-flow etc).

Milestones of Lotus Notes Development
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