Database Communication Error – CUCM

Background Info& Problem Description:

  • CUCM Installed on VMware machine, up and running perfectly.
  • successfully shut down CUCM under CLI by issuing command “utils system shutdown”, and the VMware host is powered off automatically.
  • power on CUCM VMware host again and login CUCM Admin webpage, it fails with error message “Database Communication Error”.

Possible Causes:

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Health Check for various services of CUCM under CLI:
    admin:utils service list
    Requesting service status, please wait…
    System SSH [STARTED]
    Cluster Manager [STARTED]
    Service Manager is running
    Getting list of all services
    >> Return code = 0
    A Cisco DB[STOPPED]  Component is not running
    A Cisco DB Replicator[STARTED]
    Cisco AMC Service[STARTED]
    Cisco AXL Web Service[STARTED]
  • Restart “A Cisco DB” manually:
    admin:utils service start A Cisco DB
    Service Manager is running
    A Cisco DB[STARTING]
    A Cisco DB[STARTING]
    Component is not running
    admin:utils service start Cisco CallManager
    Executed command unsuccessfully
    Invalid service name for start/stop, valid names are:
       System SSH
       Cluster Manager
       Service Manager
       A Cisco DB
       Cisco CallManager Serviceability
       Cisco CallManager Serviceability RTMT
       Cisco CAR DB
       Cisco Database Layer Monitor
       Cisco DRF Local
       Cisco DRF Master
       Cisco Tomcat
  • Restart CUCM and Pray:
    it might works or not. If problem still persists, re-installed is required unfortunately.
    Therefore, before restart or power off the CUCM, it highly recommended to do a Disaster Backup in order to simply restore the whole system when this problem happens and avoid re-install.
    Disaster Recovery System Administration Guide for CUCM 8.6(1).